As a reward for my outstanding artistic research project Internet Café, the Carl-Larsson-Grez scholarship was awarded to me. This scholarship is awarded to one student of HDK-Valand and allows them one month's stay at the Hôtel Chevillion, a building that has served as an artistic retreat for over 130 years, hosting many artists from northern Europe, Sweden in particular.
The concept for the first three prints made departed from my interest in tarot and feminism. I looked at three concepts from the cards (lust, friendship and anger) and set out to depict those from my experience as a woman.
The last print was made as an homage to Grez-sur-Loing. Here, we see a mermaid leaning on a shield with the iconic bridge. In her other hand, she is holding the Romanesque church of the village. She stands in the river Loing, and swallows are flying above her. A swan swims or flies through her hair. 
A picture of all residents and their accompanying guests, photo orchestrated by Tommy Söderlund.
Anders Berman (blue shirt), Arne Rasmussen (blue/white striped shirt), Göran Lager (red t-shirt), Monique van der Wal (center), Takayuki Iwamoto (black hair/blue shirt), Tommy Söderlund (glasses/light hair), Urmas Lüüs (white and green shirt), Mourad Kouri (grey shirt), Yrsa Petersson (grey dress)
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